terms & conditions

Sports First terms and conditions will be an agreement or contract that is between you (the customer) and Sports First. All terms and conditions stated in this document apply to all activities, workshops and and camps. They state OUR commitment to you (THE CUSTOMER) as a industry provider. They also will  outline your understanding as a customer and agreement as customers with our terms and conditions and therefore your agreement to abide by them at all times.

1.. FEEs

All of Sports First fees include the current rate of VAT. All fees include full supervision, support and time frame of stated activity. 

1.1 ANY Cancelations have to be within 7 working days of a arranged event or workshop. If cancelation falls out of this agreement, then 35% of the fee with be due. 

2. Bookings 

 In the unlikely event that Sports First has to cancel an event, workshop or activity due to sickness or below required numbers then  all parents / guardians will be given notification of at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event and a full refund will be given inside 7 working days. 

3. Medical Information 

Any medical information or condition that your child has, Sports First must be made aware of prior to the event/activity or workshop. This can be done at the time of booking or at LEAST (no less) than 7 days prior to the scheduled start date. 

4. Data Protection

The date we collect from you the customer regarding your child will be used for  administration and to inform you of other services or products that Sports First provide. The information will be stored in line with the Data protection act 2000. You also agree to abide by our current privacy policy which is located on our website at www.sportsfirstcoaching.com. At no time shall we pass or share your information with any or to any third parties.

5. Liability

Sports First will not or  cannot be held responsible for any injury caused whilst you are  travelling to and from our events, workshops or activities, or any injuries which may occur whilst participating in a contact sport such as football,etc. Sports First cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings whilst in attendance on, or travelling to or from one of our events.

5.1 Sports First will only accept liability for any personal injury or any death of any participant attending a Sports First activity directly caused by its negligence or negligence of its Sports First staff.

5.2 In the  very unlikely event that any child is injured whilst under Sports First care, then parental consent is given to Sports First staff to administer emergency aid treatment where necessary or to transfer the child to hospital if deemed necessary. In this event, all attempts to contact parents / guardians will be made using the contact numbers and emails provided whilst booking an event, activity or workshop with Sports First.