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Sports Education

At Sports First we believe its vital for children to get the correct teaching needed to progress to their next level. The teaching and coaching we provide educates the children with life skills as well as sports skills. We use other subjects such as, Maths, English, Science in our sessions so they can relate these subjects to sports. We offer specialist coaching which benefits the children's fitness, motor skills, social skills and coordination. All our sessions are based on having fun and learning aswell as being competitive. 

What We Offer..


Sports First Coaching is a unique company which offers specialist coaching sessions to schools. All abilities are able to take part in our sessions and the sessions are tailored for that specific group.

  • Sports First Breakfast - We provide 15/20 min sessions before school starts which work towards the daily mile and gets the children motor skills working before school

  • Sports First Lunch Clubs - Offering children a different sport every Lunch time which benefits them trying new sports and activities with friends and also with other children.

  • Sports First After School Clubs - After school clubs give children the opportunity to have a go at new sports where they will learn the basics of the sport and have a great time in the process with rewards handed out!

  • Sports First Leadership Workshops - The workshops provide the children with outdoor and classroom based activities which give them a better insight of what sport actually does for the body and how it helps with mental health, fitness and everyday lifestyle!

  • Sports First Nutrition - We educate the children on what they would need to become a top athlete. The foods and drink that the top athletes have to make sure they can compete at the top level! Also gives them an insight of the basic nutrition needed to be active and live a healthy life in the future!

Inter-School Sports


We also offer schools the opportunity to put their skills to the test competing against other schools in the area to see who can come out on top!

The sports events can differ from Football to Dodgeball, Sports First coaches will host and officiate the event and hand out certificates and medals for participants. 

Will your school go home with the winning trophy?!

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