Sports First | Pre-School



We partner with a number of nurseries to provide bespoke sports solutions to suit every need. Our solutions focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles in our toddlers and children, but also assisting them in meeting the listed below through fun filled physical activities… 

· Encouraging personal confidence 

· Encouraging social development through team activities and turn-taking 

· Enhancing motor skills, coordination and physical development 

· Enhancing communication and language capabilities 

· Assisting with the development of mathematical abilities


What We Offer..

Sports First offer excellent standards and expectations. All the coaching the children will receive will be of high quality and of school standard so they are prepared when they reach reception.  We have had excellent feedback from all the pre-schools we go into and currently run sessions on a weekly basis. We have also organised and assisted Sports Days, Charity events and School Fete's.


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If this is something that your pre-school is missing then feel free to get in touch with Sports First and we can arrange a session!

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Thank you for a fabulous Sports Day at our nursery. Your professional approach, friendly attitude and plenty of enthusiasm instantly made our pre-school children feel relaxed and engaged, while the variety of games and activities meant they kept their focus on every task and never got bored.’ - Jenny Blin, Business Manager for The Hampton Day Nursery

"It was so much fun, we cant wait for next week to see what new games we take part in!" - Wisbech St Mary Pre-School